• Jordan Walden

The Change Over

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

No story of a small business is complete without an individual who craved something different and was willing to risk failure to pursue success. Uplifted Accounting is the result of ten years in professional roles, major corporate burnout, and a desire to custom-build a meaningful, rewarding life.

Jordan, the founder of Uplifted Accounting, was compelled to leave the stress of companies that focus more on stockholder expectations and less on employee happiness. As the trend of holistic approaches to health and wellness (e.g. CBD, meditation, yoga, nutrition, nootropics, etc.) continue to rise, Jordan became motivated to become involved with the small businesses that have a truly meaningful impact on their clients' lives.

She frequently describes herself as a "corporate hippie" who went into accounting for stability and she aims to direct her experience to small businesses that identify with down-to-earth, motivated professionals. Jordan finds passion through supporting and interacting with the people who help others.

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